Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

“Finally some good news: The vaccines currently available in Germany also seem to work against the novel mutations of the coronavirus. The bad news is that there aren’t enough vaccines available to get everyone who wants to get it in a manageable amount of time. And older people, of all people, who need a safe vaccination most urgently, were hardly taken into account in the studies of the pharmaceutical companies. Once again, the federal government has made great promises that are now vanishing into thin air. In Germany alone, various pharmaceutical companies were subsidized with 750 million euros in public tax revenue last year so that they manufacture vaccines. Over € 6 billion in public money has been made available across the EU. But now these corporations are refusing to deliver enough vaccine doses. It would not be a problem to expand production capacities quickly and massively. But because this does not pay off for the pharmaceutical companies, such investments are not made. Patents are not released for the same profit reasons, so that other manufacturers worldwide are not able to produce these vaccines.
It is not the lack of capacity, it is the complicity of politics with the pharmaceutical industry that is responsible for the shortage of vaccines and the high costs. In addition, it is now taking revenge that politicians have unilaterally relied on vaccines, while research into effective drugs against Covid-19 has not been and is not promoted.
My video of the week about the vaccine chaos and why we can no longer leave key decisions about our lives and health to the pharmaceutical companies that have gone over dead bodies in the past if it only brought high profits:”

Source: Sahra Wagenknecht Newsletter, Translation: Google

You guessed it: this stinks. Big Pharma has no other interest but business profit. COVID-19 is nothing else but a new market for them.

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