Priceless comments by Gazza

“So little Joshie Frydenberg, the puffed-up bully-boy,
confected outrage specialist and ScoMo’s dinky toy,
has demonstrated yet once more his arrogant disdain
for decency in parliament by going off his brain
with quite the demonstration of ambition gone berserk,
a rant that left him looking like a monumental jerk,
so here’s to all Victorians, you’ve done a mighty job,
and next time vote out Joshua, the biggest southern knob,
for Coalition negligence left nursing homes alone
while private owners raked in cash and tossed the aged a bone.”

Author: GazzaFromGrongGrong, The Guardian

The lockdown and the people

People who have chosen to leave no good word for Dan Andrews mostly because they were unable to cope with what was an absolutely necessary lockdown, should have a look at what Wikipedia has about him.

Dan is one of the best political leaders Australia has at the present time. It needs courage and inner strength to be undeterred and take decisions that inevitable won’t go down well with part of the Victorian population. This is what true leaders do – and what poor leaders don’t do. In a time of crisis, unpopular decisions have to be taken. Full stop. It is just silly and naive to think: Oh, I don’t like this lockdown, it is all too much and therefore it is wrong and our premier is bad! No, it is not wrong and our premier is not bad. Sure, a lockdown is not easy, but it is not wrong. Did we have a choice ? If we don’t want to trust our leaders and their experts, where are we heading then ? Into chaos of course. The inability of individuals who cannot live for a few weeks under safe lockdown conditions cannot be a reason for ending a lockdown before it is safe to do so.

Coal into parliament …

By being backward oriented and not investing adequately into and operating wind and solar energy, we not only miss out on having and using sufficient renewable energy – no, we also miss out on an important opportunity for learning from operating them. Vital data cannot be collected from what does not exist in Australia. Other countries who are operating wind and solar at large scale are able to learn from collected data (including cost details) so that their future planning is now much better than it would otherwise be. The critical mix between wind and solar is important. How else can we know this, but from operational data ? “So why not use foreign data?” you say ? We need data for Australian conditions with local geographical and many other specifics. We need to learn from operating wind and solar here in Australia and cannot simply transplant data from other countries where different conditions/parameters exist. We miss out on opportunities we could have, had we invested sufficiently into solar and wind power. This ill-minded negligence is bad for our future as a nation and its negative consequences will be a burden for future generations.

Sadhguru on Intuition

Intuition has only recently been recognised as being far more than “just a gut feeling”. If we “feel” that something is wrong, it probably really is wrong. Our brain has very important and powerful regions that are not capable of verbal expression, they just give us a feeling. So, why would we be dismissive about this ? Suffice to know that over 50% of all top finance decisions are taken on the basis of gut feeling = intuition. For good reasons of course. Pure thinking is just not very good when things are really really complex. It is limited. Intuition is perhaps also limited – and it can’t be used for everything – but when it comes to complex matters, it often beats pure logic. Check out Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer’s work for more.’

Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer