NSW Premier Berejiklian out of control

Clearly, we have seen enough now to know that Gladys Berejiklian is out of control. She does no longer know what she is doing. She was supposed to self-isolate after having a COVID test, but instead, she went about her business as if there was no risk of passing on a deadly virus to other Australians. This is the limit ! What next ?


Suddenly all companies have a vaccine ready ?

Hey, wait a moment. How can it be, that many involved pharma mobs have or are now suddenly close to being ready with a Corona Virus vaccine ? Pfizer reported first that they are ready and then, by some magical coincidence (!), many other companies are also ready to roll. Of course, they are not. It’s probably just panic and fear of missing out on substantial vaccine supply business and continuing government investment. “What normally takes 7 years, was done in less than one” – yeah, right. A healthy amount of mistrust – yes, mistrust – is advisable, especially when it comes to pharmaceutics. The records show that what is today a magical cure, is tomorrow taken off the market because of side-effects and danger for patients. Meanwhile, the legal costs involved are just a small fraction of the money already earned with bad medicine. So, who cares ? I exaggerate – may be, but what if we all get injected with a hastily released and under-tested vaccine and things go wrong ? What would that do to our nation and to our economy? Probably worse than the virus itself, say I.

Medicine is not an exact science. This is a fact. There is no mathematical model of the human body. All there is, is a bit of biology, chemistry and heavy reliance on testing and statistics. In which other major field are grossly simplifying words like “protagonist” and “antagonist” used because of lack of scientific penetration and understanding ? I for one have all alarm bells chiming out loud.

War crimes committed by our soldiers – How could those up the chain not know ?

“When he speaks at functions, Scott Morrison routinely pays tribute to present and past members of the Australian Defence Force.

It seems a very American thing to do.

But he is also putting the military on an extremely high pedestal. When some of those on that pedestal are found to have done appalling things, the shock is doubly great.

For many Australians, looking back on a history of war heroism, it will be hard to take in what the investigation by Justice Paul Brereton has found: 25 current or former soldiers, from the special forces, allegedly perpetrated, as principals or accessories, war crimes in Afghanistan.”

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