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I found, that, whether you like or don’t like classical music is often a question of how you are introduced to it. My high-school music teachers did not succeed in making me like classical music. I was into the Rolling Stones, Beatles and later prog-rock. Only later in my life, was I lucky enough to discover the wide world of classical music. It became then part of my life and still is. Meanwhile I can sometimes detect composer and often also the music piece after hearing just a few seconds of a piece of classical music.

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I use Spotify to listen to music. The reason is that Spotify has the largest collection of classical music I have seen on the internet. Even old recordings from the 1980s are there.

Click: Good classical music on YouTube

Here are some good pieces I find on YouTube over time.

Click: Classic music on Spotify

Based on my experience, Spotify offers the most complete selection of classical music.

Click: Classic Rock

That was the music of my teenage years and early twenties.