Classic Music on Spotify

The best collection of classical music I have come across, is available on Spotify. Even the lesser known and older pieces are there. Below is a collection of fine music I found on Spotify. To listen to this, you will require a Spotify subscription. There is also a free YouTube section of fine classical music here.

Händel’s Watermusic played by the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-fields. This is a collection of the pieces I like the most. You will find that these are slow and quiet pieces. I listen to these like a meditation or a contemplation. The first of these pieces has moments of sheer bliss in it. In some of the pieces there is almost a divine presence.

Mozart’s 40th is the only one Symphony in a minor key by him. It is full of beautiful moments and the theme and its variations are beyond description in words.
The first piece is extraordinarily good and so well performed by Alison. It can turn a rainy day into sunshine. It helps when the world is cold.