What is time ?

We have known for a long time that we don’t know what time is. “The 4th dimension” does not explain what time is. We simply don’t know what time is. Full stop. Sabine Hossenfelder explains this here rather well.

Yoga of the kitchen (Ayurveda)

We had the pleasure of spending a retreat weekend with Tim Mitchell recently. Tim now devotes his life to Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation. He is the most humble and ego-less person with a vast knowledge, wisdom and experience. Tim has a fine website on “The Yoga of the kitchen”:


Nourishment is in the foreground of Tim’s Ayurvedic cooking. 1000s of years of Hindu culture have left a vast amount of knowledge about food preparation behind for us to explore and enrich our life.

Fight Facebook !

Facebook is no longer the people’s favourite. I still maintain a FB presence but I avoid writing anything or liking anything. Now, that we know how FB exploits user data for big $s, we can’t just continue with FB. If you don’t want to leave FB, here is what you should do now – at least:

Margaret Court Australia Day honour – a case of public disgust

After the Liberal Government saw it fit to select former tennis player (1970s), Margaret Court as a candidate for the Australia Day honour medal, we see that nearly every day a former medal recipient is returning their medal. The total is now greater than 5 returns of a medal. All these people are not in agreement with what extremes Margaret Court stands for – apart from her sports achievements. How can we honour somebody who actively and very publicly pursues her anti-LGBT rhetoric? Court therefore clearly qualifies for bigotry. Surely, by now any reasonable person would realise their mistake and try and make good the damage they have done to our country’s honour and respect.

Court choses to misuse the holy Christian bible as justification for her extreme views, whereas the bible does not even mention homosexuality ! While healing of past failures against LGBT is happening all over the world, Court sees it fit to demonise members of the LGBT community.

Returned Medals in reaction to Margaret Court AOM nomination, so far:

Dr. Clara Soo


Peter Kingston, Artist


Kerry O-Brien


Mark Walton, Musician

Reverent Alistair Macrae


What bigger signals can one send to the government to express that something is fundamentally wrong with awarding an Australia Day honour award to Margaret Court ? Surely, Scomo by now must realise his mistake but we are yet to see whether he has enough character to correct it. Or was the selection of Margaret Court a well-calculated move, aimed at keeping our nation divided. A divided nation is easier to manipulate than a united one – that’s clear. Given Scomo’s marketing background, such calculated moves are well within the thinkable range.

“The Governor-General’s office has received requests to review the controversial 2021 Australia Day honour bestowed on Margaret Court, as the list of Australians returning awards in protest grows.”