A bad leader gets worse

For the past weeks, the NSW (still) premier Berejiklian has made big announcements about the vaccination rate in NSW. She tried to sell this to the public as her achievement, while the daily cases went from hundreds to well over 1000. It was Berejiklian who imposed a lockdown way too late and thereby the NSW crisis started. She even ridiculed others who quickly and timely decided for lockdowns as a means to stop virus spread.

The sudden and dramatic increase in vaccination rate in NSW is to a large extent a result of fear among the public in view of the large number of new infections per day. It is certainly not a success for Berejiklian.

The late NSW lockdown is nothing but a consequence of involving the business lobby directly or indirectly in the government decision making process. And we all know how close the liberal government is to business. Lockdown is bad for business and no-lockdown is bad for the health of the population and ultimately bad for the nation.