Norway 33 people died shortly after Pfizer Vaccination – truth is a victim now

To be concerned or not to be concerned. After reading what followed after 33 people ages above 75 years died in Norway shortly after Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, it remains unclear whether or not there is a danger for old people or not. One statement by a Norway government official was:

“Clearly, Covid-19 is far more dangerous to most patients than vaccination,” Steinar Madsen, medical director at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, said by phone on Monday, adding that a connection between the vaccine and the deaths is difficult to prove. “We are not alarmed.” Source:

One has to ask here: Why do we want to compare the impact of a known deadly virus with that of a vaccine developed against the deadly virus ? Perhaps, the Madsen statement originated from what some spin-doctor advised him to say. It was not a well thought through statement. Who in world would seriously believe that a vaccine is more dangerous than the virus it was designed to combat ? What outright nonsense !

Such dumb statement reactions do however fuel suspicion about lacking safety of the Pfizer vaccine. Only hard facts in the form of statistical numbers can set aside any doubts people may have about vaccine safety. Anything short of that is just mudding the waters.

With the given dependency of the world nations on vaccine suppliers and with their business interests it may be hard to find factual information in the press and other media. Some speak for example of the Norway deaths as people of 85 years and older, others state 75 years as the lower end of the age scale. An age of 75 years is nowadays not considered as “very old” making it a greater concern for governments and vaccination candidates.

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