Christian Porter – A step back is no victory

There are two reason for not pursuing legal action: 1. You see no chance to win, 2. You have received a settlement amount. Now 2. is not the case, remains 1. Porter jumped on to legal action without the necessary forethought & preparation.

He loses ….

Christian Porter loses bid to reduce costs linked to defamation battle.

How the story unfolded

Attorney-General Christian Porter launches defamation action against ABC

Tribunal finds Porter disclosed ‘limited part of legal advice’ on medevac ‘for political advantage’

Christian Porter set to be stripped of AG role, Reynolds to lose Defence portfolio

Morrison working with Porter on ‘perceived conflicts of interests’ amid reshuffle speculation

We only just had a Cabinet reshuffle, here’s why we’re (probably) having another one

New documents reveal detectives were denied trip to interview Christian Porter accuser

Christian Porter applies to strike out part of ABC’s defence in defamation case

Christian Porter hits back at ABC defamation defence

Conflict of interest claim halts Porter defamation case against ABC

Christian Porter fights to keep top lawyer in ABC defamation case

Federal Court rules Christian Porter’s barrister has conflict of interest in ABC defamation case

Christian Porter ends defamation action against the ABC

Christian Porter loses bid to reduce costs linked to defamation battle

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