Robodebt – a policy fiasco with a high human cost

I was stunned when I saw Scomo not willing to properly apologise to the people who suffered heavily from the Liberal Party government’s Robodebt fiasco. Instead, he refers to the difficulties involved in debt collecting. What is this ? Do the people who were driven close to suicide when faced with huge sent-in-error Centerlink payback demands not deserve an apology? Reading the stories of affected individuals is heartbreaking. And what about the tax-payers whose hard-earned money has been so obviously wasted by the Liberal Government ? What was supposed to save the government 1.7 billion dollars now costs the tax payer 1.2 billion dollars. It is the biggest class-action in Australian history! This stinks and Scomo knows it. Read this very well written article in TheConversation.

It takes character and empathy to face the consequences of a big mistake on behalf of a government and deal with this matter properly. Scomo just does not get it and the voters will remember this. I am sure, Jacinda Adern would have dealt with this much more appropriately, if she were in Scomo’s place. She might not have allowed a computer-based debt collection process in the first place which is the real core of the problem.

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