Does not make sense

If NSW Premier Gladys B. now says: if she knew, that her close friend Daryl Maguire was pursuing illegal business practices, she would have reported it immediately, what does that tell us ? Clearly, if she is so naive to not see what Maguire – with whom she was in a close relationship – was doing, she clearly is unfit for the office of the premier of NSW. Of course, she must have known, but chose not to report it, because it would implicate her. Does this lady think, the public is stupid ?

OK, this story about Biden’s son’s computer is not only bizarre, it also does not make any sense. If Biden’s son has indeed provided access to his father for other people, would he then go and bring his computer with all the critical e-mails on it to a repair shop ? Of course not. This is a stunt and three guesses from where it came…

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