Going with the gut feeling

Recent research has revealed that gut feeling (intuition) is something we should not undervalue or even dismiss (Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, Berlin). Our brain has regions that are not capable of “speaking” and yet these regions produce in us a feeling of whether something is right or wrong, especially when it comes to complex matters. Logical thinking can take us only so far. It is based on what is known. It works with memory and combination. Therefore logical thinking has its limitations and is often not enough or not the right path to come to the right decision.

But what if you do go with your intuition in a meeting aimed at making important decisions ? You won’t be able to explain much and yet your intuition is strong. Clearly, given what is known today about the human brain, it would be wrong to be dismissive of intuition. So, maybe the first step is to raise awareness of current research into the subject of intuition.

In light of the above, perhaps we can give less attention to the ever so popular lists of “pros and cons” and let other decision making options play a part – if not the better part of good decision making.

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