Yoga of the kitchen (Ayurveda)

We had the pleasure of spending a retreat weekend with Tim Mitchell recently. Tim now devotes his life to Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation. He is the most humble and ego-less person with a vast knowledge, wisdom and experience. Tim has a fine website on “The Yoga of the kitchen”:

Nourishment is in the foreground of Tim’s Ayurvedic cooking. 1000s of years of Hindu culture have left a vast amount of knowledge about food preparation behind for us to explore and enrich our life.

Fight Facebook !

Facebook is no longer the people’s favourite. I still maintain a FB presence but I avoid writing anything or liking anything. Now, that we know how FB exploits user data for big $s, we can’t just continue with FB. If you don’t want to leave FB, here is what you should do now – at least:

Margaret Court Australia Day honour – a case of public disgust

After the Liberal Government saw it fit to select former tennis player (1970s), Margaret Court as a candidate for the Australia Day honour medal, we see that nearly every day a former medal recipient is returning their medal. The total is now greater than 5 returns of a medal. All these people are not in agreement with what extremes Margaret Court stands for – apart from her sports achievements. How can we honour somebody who actively and very publicly pursues her anti-LGBT rhetoric? Court therefore clearly qualifies for bigotry. Surely, by now any reasonable person would realise their mistake and try and make good the damage they have done to our country’s honour and respect.

Court choses to misuse the holy Christian bible as justification for her extreme views, whereas the bible does not even mention homosexuality ! While healing of past failures against LGBT is happening all over the world, Court sees it fit to demonise members of the LGBT community.

Returned Medals in reaction to Margaret Court AOM nomination, so far:

Dr. Clara Soo

Peter Kingston, Artist

Kerry O-Brien

Mark Walton, Musician

Reverent Alistair Macrae

What bigger signals can one send to the government to express that something is fundamentally wrong with awarding an Australia Day honour award to Margaret Court ? Surely, Scomo by now must realise his mistake but we are yet to see whether he has enough character to correct it. Or was the selection of Margaret Court a well-calculated move, aimed at keeping our nation divided. A divided nation is easier to manipulate than a united one – that’s clear. Given Scomo’s marketing background, such calculated moves are well within the thinkable range.

“The Governor-General’s office has received requests to review the controversial 2021 Australia Day honour bestowed on Margaret Court, as the list of Australians returning awards in protest grows.”

Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

“Finally some good news: The vaccines currently available in Germany also seem to work against the novel mutations of the coronavirus. The bad news is that there aren’t enough vaccines available to get everyone who wants to get it in a manageable amount of time. And older people, of all people, who need a safe vaccination most urgently, were hardly taken into account in the studies of the pharmaceutical companies. Once again, the federal government has made great promises that are now vanishing into thin air. In Germany alone, various pharmaceutical companies were subsidized with 750 million euros in public tax revenue last year so that they manufacture vaccines. Over € 6 billion in public money has been made available across the EU. But now these corporations are refusing to deliver enough vaccine doses. It would not be a problem to expand production capacities quickly and massively. But because this does not pay off for the pharmaceutical companies, such investments are not made. Patents are not released for the same profit reasons, so that other manufacturers worldwide are not able to produce these vaccines.
It is not the lack of capacity, it is the complicity of politics with the pharmaceutical industry that is responsible for the shortage of vaccines and the high costs. In addition, it is now taking revenge that politicians have unilaterally relied on vaccines, while research into effective drugs against Covid-19 has not been and is not promoted.
My video of the week about the vaccine chaos and why we can no longer leave key decisions about our lives and health to the pharmaceutical companies that have gone over dead bodies in the past if it only brought high profits:”

Source: Sahra Wagenknecht Newsletter, Translation: Google

You guessed it: this stinks. Big Pharma has no other interest but business profit. COVID-19 is nothing else but a new market for them.

Norway 33 people died shortly after Pfizer Vaccination – truth is a victim now

To be concerned or not to be concerned. After reading what followed after 33 people ages above 75 years died in Norway shortly after Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination, it remains unclear whether or not there is a danger for old people or not. One statement by a Norway government official was:

“Clearly, Covid-19 is far more dangerous to most patients than vaccination,” Steinar Madsen, medical director at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, said by phone on Monday, adding that a connection between the vaccine and the deaths is difficult to prove. “We are not alarmed.” Source:

One has to ask here: Why do we want to compare the impact of a known deadly virus with that of a vaccine developed against the deadly virus ? Perhaps, the Madsen statement originated from what some spin-doctor advised him to say. It was not a well thought through statement. Who in world would seriously believe that a vaccine is more dangerous than the virus it was designed to combat ? What outright nonsense !

Such dumb statement reactions do however fuel suspicion about lacking safety of the Pfizer vaccine. Only hard facts in the form of statistical numbers can set aside any doubts people may have about vaccine safety. Anything short of that is just mudding the waters.

With the given dependency of the world nations on vaccine suppliers and with their business interests it may be hard to find factual information in the press and other media. Some speak for example of the Norway deaths as people of 85 years and older, others state 75 years as the lower end of the age scale. An age of 75 years is nowadays not considered as “very old” making it a greater concern for governments and vaccination candidates.

I return the medal – Now that is a good statement

But Scomo won’t get it, I’m sure. Margaret Court has history of extreme views. I heard on RRR radio today that she praised the South-African apartheid government for “having dealt with the race problem properly”. Surely, this is not something she can now relate to the bible. This is racism which Jesus would condemn if he were alive. Sadly, Margaret Court is an example of pure bigotry – an order of Australia medal would be equivalent to approval of all her views by the Australian government. This, we cannot tolerate. Australia is a country of the “fair go” and we fight racism on all fronts.