Frydenberg’s lack of memory

Josh Frydenberg jumped up and down during the long Melbourne lockdown. He attacked the Andrews government left right and center. When his ideas ran out, he simply said publicly “Get on with it” directed and Daniel Andrews, who at the time was sacrificing his night rest for the state and health of its people. And yet, for Frydenberg, political gain was more important.

The same Josh Frydenberg now sees it fit to accuse the Victorian government of politicising the pandemic. Can you believe it ? Has he forgotten his own words and doings ? He clearly does not carry the burden of being a real leader. He clearly is nothing else but a gutless low level political operator.

Tibet is not China – and will never be

A monk is sentenced to 20 years prison for some petty issue involving earthquake relief donations. After all the damage China did to the fine Tibetan culture, this is happening now. It will be left to a new generation of Chinese leaders to realise the brutal mistakes China has made in Tibet. The current leadership simply lacks a proper understanding of Tibet and its culture.

Choegyal Wangpo, Leader of Tengdro Monastery

Lina Khan – New Federal Trade Commission Head

On 15th June, Lina Khan was made head of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Joe Biden. Minutes later, Amazon cried out against her in fear, claiming she was unsuitable because of a bias against the tax-evading giant Amazon. Of course she is “biased” against Amazon. That is why she became the new FTC head. Amazon is a global player who is well known for not paying even the most reasonable tax amounts in countries where they do business by utilising law loop holes.

That was OK under Trump. It is not OK under Biden. How can we allow one of the biggest global businesses to get away with large scale tax avoidance? America is better than that and Lina Khan will show that it is. That is the plan and the vulgar Amazon response to Lina being head of FTC is proof of their fear of being caught. And Lina has all required pre-requisites – not bias. In 2017 she wrote an article in the Yale Law Journal “Amazon’s Anti-Trust Paradox”. There is now even a new “global corporate minimum tax” movement supported by over 130 countries:

How is someone biased by relevant knowledge and understanding ? A bias exists when an opinion is formed in spite of better knowledge. Not the case with Lina. Go Lina and show them!

Lina interview of 2019

Lina’s personal website:

Barnaby Joyce – he is worse than we thought

This fine article by Chatherine Murphy reveals the real Barnaby Joyce. Bad for politics, bad for our country. BJ is a very bad boy.

“It really was appalling. In the middle of a crisis, Australian voters don’t need government by impulse, and what we witnessed this week was a complete collapse of common purpose in the governing Liberal and National parties.”

Sydney is a virus spreader

Time and again NSW (especially Sydney) has been spreading the Corona Virus because of carelessness, driven by a desire to show other states “how it’s done” without lockdown. It is that attitude towards a global pandemic that is causing repeated outbreaks. Premier Berejiklian’s turbulent private life is of course also a likely distraction from her leadership duties. Leadership is more than words aimed at painting a picture of superiority. It is alertness, deep scrutiny, discipline and action during a time of highest uncertainty.