Sadhguru on Intuition

Intuition has only recently been recognised as being far more than “just a gut feeling”. If we “feel” that something is wrong, it probably really is wrong. Our brain has very important and powerful regions that are not capable of verbal expression, they just give us a feeling. So, why would we be dismissive about this ? Suffice to know that over 50% of all top finance decisions are taken on the basis of gut feeling = intuition. For good reasons of course. Pure thinking is just not very good when things are really really complex. It is limited. Intuition is perhaps also limited – and it can’t be used for everything – but when it comes to complex matters, it often beats pure logic. Check out Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer’s work for more.’

Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer

Juliette Greco dies at 93 years

Juliette is no more… adieu Juliette

There was no other female french singer, or better “chansonette”, like Juliette. Living in German-occupied Paris and having a mother who was very active in the resistance, she saw the serious side of life at a young age. A certain sadness and melancholy can be felt in many of her songs. Juliette had a presence like no other. That is what makes her unforgettable.