Woodheater glass cleaning

The glass of woodheater was very very dirty. I cleaned it using wet pieces of paper dipped in the wood ash I had taken out of the woodheater. How does this work so well? Wood ash is alkaline so it acts like soap on the glass with just enough abrasion to get into the thicker layers on the glass. After about 15 minutes that glass looked like new. Zero dollars spent.

A big solar radio burst

Solar radio bursts are short duration radio wave emissions from the sun’s surface usually coinciding with coronal mass ejection events (disturbances on the sun’s surface). These bursts are like a radio transmitter on the sun and the signal can well be received on earth. In fact, unlike terrestrial radio, the solar radio bursts cover a wide spectrum of frequencies from UHF down to HF (shortwave). Solar radio bursts are relatively rare. Now, with the onset of a new solar cycle (# 25) they occur more frequently and the above image shows such an event recorded by a solar observatory in Australia on 26th August, 2021 at about 23:22 UTC (GMT).